Hot Diggity Dogs

This morning was a quick and dirty stop. We were at Illinois Masonic for family matters and had a chance to get a quick bite to eat.

Funny, my mom told me about this place and I came with her and my cousins. It was 10:00am Chicago time, but I am still on Florida time and had to eat lunch. So, I had a hot dog for breakfast.

Bright little place. Right under the Wellington stop of the Brown Line. The place smells great when you walk in.

The stools give this place a nice touch. All the sports memorabilia takes me back to my childhood.
Now, lets talk COMIDA!!!

Chicago Hot Dog with French Fries. Oh man!!! It had been at least three years since tasting a Chicago hot dog. Last time was with my friend Rob Russo. When I came to Chi with my family.

My family was saying the owner is super nice. I didn’t get a chance to meet him. They also said the place has been here for over 5 years. Great place. Come and check it out.

Hot Diggity Dogs
(773) 472-5446
947 W.Wellington
Chicago, IL 60657

Hot Diggity Dogs on Urbanspoon

Location:947 W.Wellington Chicago, IL 60657


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