Andy’s Thai Kitchen

Eating in Chicago is always a treat. You will never know what you will find. Again, staying close to Masonic hospital this was walking distance. I came here with my mom and her friend Lillian.

Nice place. There were some locals eating here. They left and I was able to take the pic. It is cash only, no credit cards. That did strike me as odd.

We were hungry and wanted to eat a bit of everything today. Unfortunately, because it was cash only we had to make sure we limited our order.

Started off with my usual Thai Tea. I like the glass they served it in.

Satay is always my go to dish in any Thai restaurant. Lillian really liked these.

Gyoza is also a must. This was my favorite part of the meal today. Very good.

Tom Yum. My mom and Lillian got this dish. I felt bad for Lillian because she didn’t like it. She ordered more Satay and was good with just that.

Duck Curry with white rice. Nice and spicy. The pineapple, grapes, and tomatoes were a little too much for me. I only ate the duck.

So, here was the overall impression from all of us today. The food was okay. Good, but not great. Also, cash only stinks. We always feel more liberty ordering when we can pay by card. Lastly, too expensive. Now remember I was born in raised in Chicago, but this was too pricey.

Andy’s Thai Kitchen
(773) 549-7821
946 W Wellington Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

Andy's Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Location:946 W Wellington Ave Chicago, IL 60657


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