Pizza City Kissimmee

This happens to be @vleboss go to spot. I haven’t been here in over 10 years. So, here goes the story. @vleboss has been coming here for over ten years with her family and Kris has been her server for years. Well, luck has it that Kris now owns this Pizza City for a few years now. She went from server to owner.

It has won awards for their food and Kris herself has won awards for her service. Unfortunately, I was unable to confirm the story with Kris. I may go again just to ask if it’s a true story.

(Photo courtesy of @tarajroth)
One issue I had with this place today is that it didn’t have a mixed crowd. I have been in Kissimmee for 14 years now and am always used to seeing diversity. Pizza City didn’t offer that today. I felt uncomfortable for a bit. Didn’t take me long to get over it, but it did make me a bit nervous.

Feast Shot.
The ladies had antipasto salad when I arrived. I was about ten minutes late. Which is too late when it comes to food. Now lets talk about the entrées.

(Photo courtesy of @vleboss)
My SIL needs some practice in picture taking but for being her first time I will give her a B-.
This was the Lunch Special. Two slices, salad, and drink. @Tarajroth and @vleboss shared this.

Baked Ziti. Didn’t know what to order and I asked my SIL what I should order and she suggested that. I didn’t like it. I could have made the same thing at home. The pizza slice was better than this. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. Based on reviews this place is supposed to be good. I should give it another chance. It won’t be soon. Not my cup of tea. Check it out for yourself and see what ya think. @vleboss loved it and so may you.

Pizza City
(407) 846-1666
611 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Pizza City on Urbanspoon

Location:611 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741


One thought on “Pizza City Kissimmee

  1. looks to cheese and dry. needs to be balanced with gravy and cheese. people think more cheese the better, silly people 🙂

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