Sapporo Ramen

Today was a perfect Saturday. @Droolius had recommended this place on his blog And I had asked @droolius and @kokocooks if we could all eat there together today. It is easy to miss using GPS. It is located in the Westside Crossing Plaza. Chinatown.

The restaurant is small, but fits many people as we found out today. When we arrived it was slow. But then about an hour later it became super busy.

You know I had to take a picture of all the people coming in to eat. According to @droolius this place just opened on May 9. Seems word has gotten out. There were some people there eating that follow @droolius and had decided to eat here because of his blog post. Maybe everyone else follows @droolius as well.

Gyoza. Courtesy of @kokocooks. She ordered these for the table. You can’t ever go wrong with dumplings.

Takoyaki. Fried Octopus Fritter. These were perfect. Not any strange taste or texture to it. Nice and tasty.

Pork Katsu Curry. Courtesy of @droolius. He shared this one with the table and it was @xobejm’s favorite dish. @Droolius later poured the curry on the rice and @xobejm couldn’t get enough of it.

Gyu Don
Beef and Onion with oriental style sauce. This was courtesy of @xobejm. She shared this one with the table. Those thin slices of beef were heavenly. This dish didn’t last long at all. I finished up the onions and rice. Amazing.

Shoyu Ramen. Soy based broth. This was @kokocooks dish.

Shio Ramen. The soup is simply seasoned with salt. Butter flavored corn adds great taste to it. This was @droolius dish.

Miso Ramen. This one I got to taste and it had a peanut butter taste to it. This was @backyard_garage dish. (Photo courtesy of @droolius)

Tonkotsu Ramen
Served with green onion, bamboo shoots, pork cha-su, narutomaki. This was my dish. Fantastic. This now my second time getting Ramen and it truly is the way to go. Great taste and very good portions.

Sapporo does not disappoint when it comes to flavor and the prices are spectacular. In the words of @droolius, you know you are in an authentic place when Japanese people come to a Japanese restaurant. I highly recommend trying Sapporo Ramen.

Many Big Mega Thanks and Gracias to @kokocooks @droolius @tarajroth @xobejm @tytyeats and @backyard_garage and Jason for hanging out and making the lunch extra awesome. Eat on my friends, Eat on!!

Foodbidden Family APPROVED!!

Sapporo Ramen
(407) 295-9001
5080 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

Sapporo Ramen on Urbanspoon

Location:5080 West Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32808


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