Saffron Indian Cuisine

What a great way to start the day. As I always say, “Great eats, Great peeps.” Lunch Bunch get togethers are my favorite. Getting to eat with people you love hanging out with is a true blessing.

Today was Saffron Indian Cuisine day and we were excited and ready to eat. The gang came in with empty bellies and we were seated instantly. @Tarajroth @OrlandoFamStyle @orlandouncorked @wholycheesus @kokocooks @eatlocalorlando, Max and yours truly were all in attendance.

Mango Lassi. Best way to start. My all time favorite drink. I do prefer it on the much colder side. This one was warm, but still tasty.

Papadum and Naan. Were the talk of the table. The Papadum with the black pepper on it and the Naan was excellent. Now….. Let’s talk FOOD!!!

Chicken Korma, Samosa, Rice, and other goodies. @Tarajroth ordered this one and got it medium. I had a bite and it was very good. This is @tarajroth’s go to dish.

Chicken Vindaloo, Samosa, Rice, and other goodies. This was my dish and I ordered it spicy. Great taste. I love the chicken with the potatoes together. It’s my go to dish.

Chicken Tikka Roll with French Fries and Raita. This one was the best tasting item I ate. Filled with veggies and great tasting spices on the inside. I shared the other half with @wholycheesus and he enjoyed it as well.

Feast Shot. As you know my favorite picture to take. The whole Foodie Familia eating and sharing. Does my heart good.

Thanks to the UYE crew for hosting this event. @OrlandoFamStyle you are amazing as always.

Foodie Familia, I love you guys and until we “Eat” again.

Saffron Indian Cuisine
(407) 674-8899
7724 West Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819

Saffron Indian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Location:7724 West Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32819


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