Danny’s Broasted Chicken

Far far from home I go to try new food in different cities. Danny’s located in Lake Mary had great reviews and had to make it a point to stop by.

Prepare food using a cooking process that combines broiling and roasting. (Thank you Google for educating me)

The interior is definitely sporty. Lots of NFL banners encompass the inside. Lots of football pictures in a frame and ESPN playing on their flatscreen. Danny is a big Green Bay fan.

Some of the locals were here early getting the daily lunch special. Leg, thigh, and wing.
Two sides come with it.

Daily Special. Broasted chicken. Leg, Thigh, and Wing with Mac and Cheese and Cole Slaw. As the reviews mentioned, the cole slaw was okay. The Mac and Cheese I really liked. Broasted chicken was just right. It was tasty and it wasn’t greasy at all. This concept works for me.

Danny’s Broasted Chicken
(407) 878-6655
3002 W Lake Mary Blvd
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Danny's Broasted Chicken on Urbanspoon

Location:3002 W Lake Mary Blvd Lake Mary, FL 32746


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