Niece’s Poppa Looza

Big Mama has brought Soul Food to Osceola county and I would say it’s about time! This mall needed some flavor. Big mama has daily specials and has her regular menu full of delicious soul food favorites. She also carries the Chicago favorites, Italian Beef, Pizza Puff, and Polish Sausage. Niece’s is located inside the Osceola Square Mall. I will get right to the FOOD stuff.

Chicken and Waffles. Oh yes indeed. Mama made these nice and fresh for me. Made on the spot. I was the first customer there this morning. DELICIOUS!

Fried Tilapia with Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens. This is her dinner plate. These sides are the perfect combination. Big Mama handles her business with these greens. Great stuff.

Now, don’t be afraid just because it’s in the Osceola Mall. If you want some good soul food you have to give Niece’s a try. It will be worth it. Big Mama will be waiting.

Mega Kudos to @ann_rodoz for suggesting this place to me.

Big Mama, thank you so much for the food. It was great. Nice chatting with you.

Niece’s Poppa Looza inside the
Osceola Square Mall
3831 west vine street
Kissimmee, FL 34741
407 406 6819

Niece's Poppa Looza on Urbanspoon

Location:3831 West Vine Street Kissimmee, FL 34741


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