This morning started in downtown Leesburg Florida. Quite a distance from Kissimmee where I live. But my food adventures truly take me everywhere. I walked in and immediately was greeted by Mari the owner of Z-Cafe.

I ordered a small coffee and was impressed with its flavor. No specialty coffee for me today. Just a regular coffee and it was delicious. (No coffee picture shown)

Mari is the owner of Z-Cafe in this quiet and ever changing area. It is right next to the Leesburg library. They have been here for 5 years and get lots of traffic from Beacon College students. The housing for the students is located nearby as well. A lot of the library clientele come here too.

The place is very clean. Mari does it all. She owns the place and takes care of everything and works the cafe with her son. They import coffee from 50 countries and have their roasting facility in Apopka. All their coffee is less than two weeks old in the cafe. You can definitely taste the freshness of the coffee.

Sausage, egg, cheese croissant. I had to order the breakfast sandwich. The options were bagel or croissant. This is not your dull DD sandwich. This is made to order. Mari takes her time and does it just right and takes pride in her product. Unfortunately, no picture of the coffee. It was the first thing to go.

Mari, thanks for your awesome hospitality and chatting with me about your cafe. I loved it.

(352) 326-2439 (New number is (352) 435-5499)
100 E Main St
Leesburg, FL 34748

Z-Café on Urbanspoon

Location:100 E Main St Leesburg, FL 34748


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