The Bistro

What a great way to start the morning. The Bistro is located inside the Hilton Orlando. Very fancy place, yet relaxed at the same time. Don’t get me wrong. This place is pricey, but the food is well worth it.

Gorgeous place. Lot of natural light. Not many people know about this place. It is on a lower level. They have upbeat music playing. I found myself eating and tapping my feet to the beat.

The seating at the bar for breakfast is excellent. It’s for people who are here on business and come in, and eat, and go on their merry way. Paula was my server today. She was very nice. Now….Let’s talk FOOD!!

Scrambled eggs, Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, roasted potatoes. $13.00. This week anything with avocado has been hitting the spot. This wrap is out of this world with all the goodies inside. Even the breakfast potatoes were good. I tend to leave those untouched.

They have a buffet that starts at $24.00. Yep, that much. Typical hotel prices. Again, don’t let the price scare you. It is all very good. And the customer service is amazing. The whole team this morning was working hard and had smiles on their faces.

Paula, Gracias for an amazing breakfast experience. Nice meeting you and hope to see you again. Always nice to meet someone who has lived in Chicago.

The Bistro
(407) 313-4300
6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando, FL 32819

The Bistro on Urbanspoon

Location:Destination Pkwy,Orlando,United States


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