Charcoal Zyka

Formerly known as Charcoal Joes, Zyka has come in and made this place twice as good. The menu selection has doubled and the Indian dishes are made just right.

Small place, but there is still plenty of room. Located on John Young Parkway and Taft Vineland. This place does not play when it comes to spices. As soon as I walked in the aroma engulfed me. YUM.

They were quick to greet me and the chef is making the magic happen all by himself. Two servers and one chef. The official name is “Charcoal Zyka Grill and More. Home of the Portuguese Style Grilled Chicken and Beef Ribs”. I think that says it all. NOW LET’S EAT!!

Vegetable Samosas. I love when they come out nice and hot. The first bite is nice and crispy and all the seasoning and spices takes over your palate.

You can tell from the pic but it was steaming. It was amazing with the sauces (tamarind and mint) love double dipping to get extra flavor.

Chicken Korma was a must for today. And yes I ordered it spicy.

It comes with white rice. Every bite was a dream come true. The spicyness was just right for me. And I do love it spicy. This is the place to be for a variety of options for lunch and dinner.

Ayesha, you were awesome girl. Thanks for the friendly service and I will be back with my family.

Charcoal Zyka Grill and More on Urbanspoon

Charcoal Zyka Grill and More
10249 S John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32837
(407) 440-4210

Location:W Taft Vineland Rd,Orlando,United States


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