Boiling Crab and Seafood

Today was our UYE event and the spot was in Orlando. @OrlandoFamStyle @orlandouncorked, James, and myself were here today. Located on Colonial and Mills area. Parking is a hassle and once you have parked you only have two hours. I was lucky to arrive early and parked in the back parking lot which is always super full.

Saw some reviews and it suggested many things from the menu. I went with the Fried Catfish and the French Iced Coffee. Honestly we just didn’t want to get messy with the crawfish and what not.

French Iced Coffee. WOW!! Very strong and the condensed milk hits the spot. Maybe not the best pairing with catfish, but yummy nonetheless.

Nice place overall. Everything is very clean. Even the restrooms were well maintained. Also, Free Wifi is a big plus in any restaurant.

Onion rings. James ordered these today and he said they were delicious. I didn’t get around to trying them since I was so focused on my dish.

Fried Catfish basket with french fries and bread roll. I loved dipping the catfish in the tartar sauce. The fish was well made. Not soggy and just the perfect crunch.

Feast shot. You know I have to add this shot whenever I can. All of us partaking in some good grub.

Nice place on Colonial. May bring some of the familia here if we are ever in the area. Check it out for yourself. It has some great food and customer service is amazing.

Boiling Crab and Seafood
(407) 898-7770
1242 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

Boiling Crab and Seafood on Urbanspoon

Location:1242 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803


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