Chai Thai Cuisine Orlando

(Shot of the back entrance to Chai Thai. They heavily suggest you use the front door when entering)
This adventure started thanks to Manny. We always talk about food places at work and he mentioned Thai food. So we decided to meet up for lunch at Chai Thai. They have a Chai Thai in Hunters Creek as well, but I had to try this one.

Salad and spring roll. Included with the lunch special today.
It’s located on Orange avenue just a half a block north of Michigan. Very hard to find while on Orange. It’s in between Starbucks and Planet Smoothie.

Pad Kee Mao. One review said to try this so I did. I didn’t want to go with the usual Pad Thai. Wanted something different and tasty and this was just the dish I needed. It was fantastic.

Panang Beef. Manny got this dish and it smelled great. He went with medium this time around. He usually gets Thai hot.

Ginger Chicken with white rice. Ashely ordered this one. Again, it smelled great. I never get around to asking them for a bite because I was enjoying mine so much.

Feast shot. My favorite shot to take all the time. Hanging out with great people and having great food. That’s what it’s all about.

Sticky Rice with Mango. Manny orders this every time he comes here. It’s his favorite thing to get. AMAZING. This one I did get a bite of and it’s perfect. The rice is hot and the mango is cold. The perfect bite when you combine them together.

I arrived around 12:30pm and parking was a nightmare. Around 1:30pm the parking lot was empty. I am sure the lunch rush made the parking area a mess. The restaurant was not very busy. Which surprises me because the food was great.

Chai Thai Cuisine
(407) 841-8981
2447 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

Chai Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Location:2447 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32806


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