Taqueria Casas

Casas has been opened in this location for about 2 years now. Maybe a bit more. @Tarajroth and I have come here for lunch. The tacos are not the best, but they are good.

The only issue I have about this place is that’s it’s too loud. They always have the radio station playing and it’s always at full blast. Sometimes it’s music and sometimes it’s just talk shows.

It’s a nice place. Always looks clean when we walk in. Today they were mopping the floors so it all was extremely clean this morning. Lots to choose from on the menu and the prices are great. I came for breakfast today.

Torta (Sausage and Egg). The man at the counter asked if I wanted it spicy and I said EXTRA! They put the works in this sandwich. Avocado, mayo, sausage (which remind me of hot dogs) lettuce, jalapenos, etc. This was a great morning breakfast.

Come and check them out for lunch and dinner. Good food at amazing prices.

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Taqueria Casas
(407) 390-0703
4384 W. Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Taqueria Casas on Urbanspoon

Location:4384 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34741


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