Carnival Victory Part 3

Part Three. The third night and I must admit I should just stop saying I will not eat and just say that I will. We all had a big lunch and still managed to have a big dinner. Wow.

Tonight was a great night for photos. All the guest were off the ship at 6:00pm because our all aboard time was 9:30pm. Very few people would be coming to dinner tonight.

We were in the Upper area of the Pacific Dining room. Because of having such a large group they sat us in the back near the window. Great view. Now, lets talk FOOD!

Fried Chicken with mash potatoes, broccoli, and carrots.

Baked Potato. @Tarajroth just wanted a fully loaded potato for dinner tonight. Bacon, cheese, and sour cream always do the trick.

Tilapia. @dleboss ordered this one. He mentioned it was very good.

Fruit salad. This was @aroth who ordered this one. It looked nice and refreshing after a long Cozumel day.

Grilled chicken breast, served over fettucine tossed in mushroom cream. This was @vleboss dish. The awesome thing about Carnival is you can order the main meal as a starter. They give you a smaller size. Love it. I tasted this and loved it.

Red Fish. I must have missed this from the menu. Tim was the one who ordered this.

Turkey. This was Jowan’s dish. Not sure what sides came with it.

Flat Iron Steak. Same as what Tim got the last time. This time @vleboss ordered it.

Fried Shrimp. Jowan ordered these. The good thing about having lots of people is that you can order almost everything from the menu and share it.

Chile Relleno. @gjoseph kept on asking if anyone had ordered this one and no one did. So, she went and got this dish. I took one small bite and so did she and that was it. No one else tried it. Good. Not amazing, but good.

Coconut Cake. @aroth dish. Dessert time is everyone’s favorite time.

Tiramisu. My dessert for tonight.

Apple pie. The scoop of vanilla ice cream was put on the side after I took the picture. This was Jowan’s dish.

Last, but not least. Tim showing all the servers a card trick. LOL. I had to add this photo to the blog. Priceless. He had them all captivated.

Location:At Sea


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