Carnival Victory Part 2

Round Two. And I promised myself I wouldn’t eat as much this time around, but it’s so hard when the whole family is ordering great dishes. And boy…..can we eat.

Spicy Alligator Fritters served on tropical tomato salsa. This is on the DIDJA part of the menu. They call it the DIDJA. (Did you ever). This part of the menu has one dish that is unique and exotic and not something that you would usually try.

Greek salad. This was @aroth dish. This was good. I think Tim explained it perfectly. You can tell it’s made fresh because it’s not soggy. Every bit of that salad crunched.

Minestrone soup. This was @tarajroth dish. I passed on this one. I just don’t do soups.

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll with tomato, oregano, and olive oil. Very nice. @Xobejm didn’t like them. She is not used to the Asian flavors as of yet. She doesn’t know what she is missing. : )

Ribs, @xobejm tore these puppies up. They would fall off the bone and the amount of BBQ sauce was spot on. The whole table ordered extra ribs because they were so good.

Bowtie Pasta with turkey. @Tarajroth ordered this as her entree. The turkey part was turning me off and I didn’t want to try it. I hesitated and took a bite and it was very good.

Prime Rib. @aroth doesn’t play when it comes to meat. CAARRRRNNNNNEE!! Cooked perfectly and nice huge portion.

Martini braised basa fillet with tomato, chili and fennel. Served on a sundried tomato, chive, and potato gallete. (Their winning recipe from the 5th Bacardi cruise competition in the Italian category, from Chef Ajay Nair) This was my dish and the winner for this evening.

Diet Banana cake. Yep, I said it. Diet sponge cake. This one was just okay. Nothing to write home about. I love all kinds of sugar free treats. but they tried a little bit too much with this one. The rest of the family got the warm chocolate cake from last night.

Blue Martini. Wifey ended the night in style. She has a great skill in doing so. Not to overwhelmingly strong and a bit fruity. Just the right drink before heading to bed.

Location:At Sea


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