Buccanos Bar and Grill Cozumel

This was our stop in Cozumel for this time around. It was a beach day with the family. The taxi driver recommended this for us when we got to the pier.

The pool is amazing and the water temperature was just right.

The beach and the weather were perfect on this day. It started off windy but it ended up being an awesome day.

Within Cozumel Caribe you can find Buccanos Bar and Grill.

It looks tiny at first and then you go around the corner and you see all this space.

Lots of space and the whole place got packed in a second. we arrived around 3:00pm.

Black beans and rice with guacamole for the fajitas.

Steak Nachos. This comes with the works. Fantastic. There were four of us at the table and we could not finish it all. Wow. Nice portion.

Steak Fajitas. Oh Yeah!! This was the only way to go with all the family enjoying lunch. So, we went with the fajitas. Believe it or not we filled up more with the nachos than we did with the fajitas.

Pedro and Martin hooked us up. We had two servers taking care of us today. Awesome guys. Gracias por todo amigos.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Buccanos Bar and Grill inside the Club Cozumel Caribe. BUEN PROVECHO!!

Location:Carretera San José-Cozumel,Punta Norte,Mexico


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