Carnival Victory Part 1

Carnival Victory

Our vacation cruise started out just right. First, with our visit to El Mago De Las Fritas and second, heading over to the port of Miami and jumping on the Carnival Victory.

Our dining was at the Pacific Upper area dining room. 13 of us in total. Lots of dishes and lots of people. Norman and Apollo were the ones taken care of us this cruise. Great service all around and the food was great. Now, on to the FOOD STUFF!!

Fruit cocktail salad. Fresh fruits cut up just right and presented in an elegant way.

Gourmet Burger. This was Jomaris’s dish. He barely took like three bites and was full. That is a big ole burger.

Mac and Cheese. This was what Joelle ordered. We all got to taste a bit of everyone’s dish.

Marinated Pork with Mac and cheese and carrots. This was @xobejm dish.

Shrimp Cocktail. This was mine. Loved it with the cocktail sauce.

Spinach Dip. This is what Jowan ordered. Again, the presentation of all these dishes are outstanding.

Broccoli and cheddar soup. This is what @tarajroth ordered. I had a bit and loved it. I just do not like soups but this one was really good.

Lasagna. Had to take two different shots on this one. They make it with all the goodies inside and lean ground beef. This was one of my favorites.

Greek Chicken. This was my dish. I almost didn’t want to share this with the family. Great tasting dish and it was part of the healthy menu.

Warm chocolate cake. My dessert for the evening.

Black Forest cake. This was @aroth dessert. It had bing cherries inside. I usually don’t like it cuz of the cherries but these were very light and I could hardly taste them. Very good dessert.

New York Style cheesecake. With the strawberry sauce. Very light. I was not a fan of @tarajroth dessert choice tonight.

Great evening of food and family. Round two will be tomorrow evening.

Location:At Sea


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