El Mago De Las Fritas

Huge shout out to @burgerbeast for suggesting this place and hanging out with the family and I. I was able to go to Miami last week and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mago himself.

We started out with the cafe con leche and asked for it clarito. I wasn’t mentally or physically prepared for a cortadito quiet yet.

Cafe con leche. (Clarito). A little extra milk with just the right amount of sugar. Yum! I could have had ten of these.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. @Xobejm ordered this. It literally was freshly squeezed. Amazing.

Freshly squeezed orange juice in process. YUM!

Great looking place. Mago has been recognized by the Governor of Florida for his cleanliness and passing inspections with flying colors.

Frita A Caballo. Egg, fried shoestring onions, cheese, and the special patty. WOW! When I asked about the ingredients inside the patty they all looked at me and said it was an ancient family secret. I knew they would say that.

Papitas. (French Fries). These are not your regular fries. These are unbelievable. @Xobejm tore this puppies up in one second.

La Callejera. Egg, ham, cheese, shoestring onions, etc. This was @burgerbeast dish. Great tasting sandwich. He was nice enough to share with me. I could only take a few bites. The sandwich is huge.

Flan. I am not a Flan fan. I am very picky about my flan. I only like Maria Perez’s moms flan. But this one is second best. Amazing.

Mago and family, Gracias por todo. Your food is delicious. I can see why Obama stopped by and ate here. This is my second time here and I will be back again next week. Delicioso.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!

Wifey and Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

El Mago de las Fritas
(305) 266-8486
5828 SW 8th St
West Miami, FL 33144

El Mago de las Fritas on Urbanspoon

Location:5828 SW 8th St West Miami, FL 33144


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