Rollin’ Zoinks Food Truck

Here at the Parkesdale Farm Market where Food Trucks have come to be part of the strawberry craze. Today Parkesdale had their Food Truck event and Rollin Zoinks was one of them. Most of the time they are in the Tampa area, but today they were kind enough to come out to Plant City to hang out.

The Scallywag
Seared scallops- snow peas, mushrooms, Parmesan, couscous, greens, lemon champagne sauce. This was my good friend Brenda’s dish. Tammy the owner of Zoinks let me take a picture before she rolled them up. This was fantastic.

The Southerner. Fried chicken- green beans, roasted corn, cheddar, risotto, romaine, buttermilk bacon gravy. They also have Sriracha hot sauce that you can pour on it. And trust me, I did. Great tasting chicken and the gravy was amazing.

Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Rollin Zoinks
(813) 340-7425
Various Locations
Tampa, FL

Rollin Zoinks on Urbanspoon

Location:Moving Target


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