Tarantino’s Italian Restaurant

Today was a special day. My lovely wife’s day of birth was April 4, 19–. I will leave out the year to protect the innocent. : )

She chose Tarantino’s for dinner. Or as I called it for this evening, TARA-ntino’s.

This used to be a Mexican restaurant and it really didn’t do much business. Plus the food wasn’t that good.

Tarantino was located in downtown Kissimmee way back in the day and now they have moved up in the world. Much more square footage than before.

Located on 192 and west of Hoagland. This place is much classier than I remember it to be before.

The place is very nice. Awesome design and decor. Tonight was busy. Lots of families here tonight. Now, on to the FOOD STUFF:

Bread basket with pesto, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. This was the perfect dipping for the bread. The pesto was my favorite part.

Cesar Salad. For anyone that knows me, I don’t order salads ever, but tonight I had to order this salad. Even @xobejm had some of this because it was so good.

House salad. This was @tarajroth dish and she loved it. She said it tasted fresh and truly enjoyed it.

Fettuccine Tarantino W/Chicken (Fettuccine Pasta tossed with Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken breast prosciutto and peas). Fantastic dish. Denise our server for tonight suggested this one. She made a great recommendation. I loved this dish.

Veal Tarantino (Medallions of veal sauteed in wine, butter and tomato & topped with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese). This was @tarajroth dish. She had me try some and it was delicious. Actually, this was better than my dish. : )

Italian Ricotta Cheesecake. @Tarajroth and @xobejm love all kinds of cheesecakes. We had a choice between New York Style cheesecake and this one. We all took a few bites and that was all. It was not our favorite. They had an array of sweets to choose from. Maybe next time I will try the cannoli.

Denise, thank you so much for your wonderful service. You were amazing. Especially, today on such a special day for my wife. You made it more memorable. Thanks again. We will be back!



Foodbidden TWO THUMBS UP!!

Tarantino’s Italian Restaurant
(407) 870-2622
4150 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Tarantino's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:4150 W Vine St Kissimmee, FL 34741


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