Nohoch Kay Big Fish

This was @tarajroth’s third time here and my first. When coming off the ship it is about a twenty minute taxi drive. Most of the crew members come here to eat. Great food and great prices.

Today was busy. Most of the time it has crew members just relaxing while they eat. Today you could tell it was tourist season. Spring Break brought out all the people today.

The bar is hoppin’ at all times. Most people ordering Sol beer so they can drink the authentic drink in Mexico.

This was our view from our table. As you can see it was a beautiful day today. The breeze felt so good.

Guacamole. We had to start with a fresh order of guacamole and chips. This was a must. Perfect starter to a meal.

@Xobejm was not feeling adventurous so she played it safe and ordered the Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas. Great presentation and nice flavor with some true Mexican cheese.

Arrachera with rice and veggies. @Tarajroth ordered this one and she loves it. Every time she comes here that is what she orders. It is unbelievable.

Fish tacos. I would say my choice was the best one. The presentation of the dish and the flavors were amazing. They had a green hot sauce that was truly spicy. I kept on pouring it on after every bite. Great fish tacos.

Baby Girl APPROVED!!


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Nohoch Kay Big Fish Restaurant
Bar and Beach Club
Located in Mahahual Mexico. Q. Roo

Location:Mahahual, Mexico

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