Disney Fantasy Lounges

The best part of the Disney Fantasy is her lounges.

The decorations and attention to details are amazing.

The sports bar on the Disney Fantasy.

The place to be for any soccer, basketball, football game.

O’Gills has trivia and some evenings has an awesome guitar player.

Family dance parties and more.

Bingo and karaoke. This is the spot to be for most of the family activities and game shows.

Where the scenery changes every 10 minutes. A change of cities occur in front of your eyes while you sit and enjoy a drink.

Very dark and romantic area to come and have a drink and relax. When you open the menus they light up from the inside.

Cabaret acts and also meeting spot for excursions.

The theme of course being the London tube.

Phone booths on stage. The Walt Disney performers tend to do theme nights and will perform on this stage.

Sitting and having a drink and feeling like you are on the London train.

You feel you are walking through Europe and smelling the fresh pastries from the cafe’.

Then you find your way through La Piazza.

Piano playing and singing.

Also meeting area for excursions. Most of the evenings they have a singing duo playing some great easy listening tunes.

Location:Disney Fantasy


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