Disney Fantasy Guest Areas

Buena Vista Theatre has first run movies that play here. Disney digital 3D movies are available and even open captioned movies.

It truly is breathtaking when you first walk in.

The place to come to see your portraits that have been taken all over the ship.

Here is where you go to find your pics. You scan your card and it tells you where your “portfolio” of pictures are at.

Yet another place to find your pics.

These are the digital pictures that you can manipulate to your liking and then get them printed.

The place to be for Disney art.

The art gallery has all the collectors items art and new ones that are about to become famous.

This one was courtesy of @xobejm. She loves hanging out here. This is the kids area. Specifically, the Oceaneer Lab.

The interactive floor allows the children to play all kinds of fun games with their feet while they jump and stomp their feet on the digital floor.

The ship simulators.

Computer games, movies, Wii, etc.

@Xobejm comes here and makes her own comic strips. She can type them up and print them out and make her own story.

This is the place to be for arts and crafts.

So many more places to see and visit on the Fantasy. These are the place mostly seen on the ship and the VIP access tour of the kids Lab. Only children are allowed in the kids area. Today was Open House which meant parents could come in and play with their children in the Lab. Lots of fun.

Location:Disney Fantasy


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