Beth’s Burger Bar

Tonight @tarajroth and I had plans to join the first Dishcrawl in Orlando. What a great event. One flat fee and you visit four restaurants. The name of the restaurants are kept as a surprise until the evening of the event.

Tonight we started at Beth’s Burger Bar. Great looking place that just opened December 26. We got to meet Beth in person and hear her story and her passion for burgers.

The place is stylish. Smells great as soon as you walk in. Tonight we had a total of about 20 people or more so Beth’s was hoppin’ tonight. Dishcrawl concept is getting a pre made dish of the restaurants choice.

Pineapple jalapeño and pepper jack cheese burger. The spicyness was what made me love this burger in an instant.

Peanut Butter,cheddar, and onion burger. I would have never in a million years thought about a peanut butter burger. This was delicious.

They served half of each burger and it came with a side of fries.

The team was awesome. Very friendly when we walked in. The staff didn’t know initially that @tarajroth and I were part of the group and they treated us very well.

Beth’s Burger Bar team, Y’ALL ROCK! Great place. Best of luck with your business. Great area to be in. Wifey and I will be back.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Beth’s Burger Bar
(407) 650-4950
24 East Washington Street
Orlando, FL 32801

Beth's Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Location:24 East Washington Street Orlando, FL 32801


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