Zilly Bee Cafe

I believe that everything in this world is a partnership and everyone and anyone can and should contribute in any way that they can. In this case, this was all @tarajroth and @xobejm.

They took the pictures and ate the food and gave me their reactions and what they thought. Thank you so much girls for your contribution. Most importantly, we get to spread the word out about the amazing local businesses.

As everyone knows, having an outlet where you are seated is a BIG PLUS! You can eat and “juice” up your device while you are there.

All photos courtesy of @xobejm. Thank you so much baby girl.
Corn beef hash, fried eggs, toast, and fruit.

French Toast with butter. @Tarajroth says,
“Oh! Add to Zilly’s… Walking in you could smell the coffee and syrup smells of breakfast! It had my mouth watering.”

@Xobejm got the Kids Sunrise on the left corner. This is in downtown Orlando. They were both hanging out and walked over to Zilly’s. Parking is not so easy to find.

Both @xobejm and @tarajroth were very pleased with this place.

Zilly’s staff, thank you so much for treating my family so well. My family loved it. Great customer service is valuable for us. I cannot wait to be eat there myself.


Baby Girl APPROVED!!!

Zilly Bee Café
(407) 843-1559
63 East Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801

Zilly Bee Café on Urbanspoon

Location:63 East Pine Street, Orlando, FL 32801


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