Q’Kenan Venezuelan Restaurant

Today was a sunny day and I could not get the sign outside of the building. Best pic I could get was this one. @Eatlocalorlando has suggested this place for a long time and I finally made it.

Nice place. Super friendly group of folks. The woman helping me today was Andrea. She wanted to take time and explain the menu. I opened it up and went straight to the Andino breakfast. They also have lunch specials from 11am to 3pm. The Venezuelan typical dishes.

Andino breakfast.
Scrambled eggs with onions and tomatoes. Black beans and grated cheese. AMAZING. This was made so well. Perfect taste. Even the black beans were perfect and not too overly seasoned.

Arepa with butter. Nice and thick in texture and very filling. Most Arepas tend to be empty in the middle. These were filled to the gills.

Cafe con leche. Nicely made. This hit the spot since I had a big headache. This cafecito took all the pain away.

Andrea, Gracias por su ayuda y por ser tan amable. Espero regresar pronto con mi familia.

Foodbidden APROBADO!!

Q’Kenan Venezuelan Restaurante
(407) 238-0014
8117 Vineland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32821

Q'Kenan Venezuelan Restaurante on Urbanspoon

Location:8117 Vineland Avenue Orlando, FL 32821


2 thoughts on “Q’Kenan Venezuelan Restaurant

    • I need to try the cachapas and the Parill which is their typical dish. Will need to try the the burger too. Have ya been to Teq-A-Bite? Great little food truck with the best Venezuelan burger.

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