This morning was the perfect morning. Weather was just right and @eatlocalorlando and I were meeting for lunch. He suggested Toasted which has just opened a few days ago. I said, “Screw it, Let’s get Toasted”

I arrived early and was able to speak to Sal the owner. He mentioned already having a food critic coming in and taking pics of his place. I would say that’s a good sign and definitely something to look forward to. Curb side pick up is a great idea in this area.

Great looking menu on line. I made sure to do my research before I met @eatlocalorlando. I knew I had to try the Braised Brisket. And Yes, you read it correctly, they have a Vegan menu as well.

The Periodic Table of Cheese. I have never seen anything like this before. This was impressive. Jeff the CEO of Toasted sat down with us and explained the concept about the look and feel of the restaurant.

Had to show you another shot of the PTC. Also, when you order at the register you get a placard to put on your table.

The placard for our table. This is awesome. Love the little touches that the restaurant has. We placed our order and waited less than five minutes. Quick service and the team is extremely friendly. Toasted just opened 7 days ago. Which impressed me more since they truly are running like a well oiled machine. At least from a customer perspective.

Nice size to the place. I mean once you walk in it’s a bit smaller and they have some seats outside as well. It’s located inside the Winter Park Corners plaza. Very busy place. We arrived around 10:30am which is when Toasted opens.

Braised Brisket. Fontina, braised brisket, homemade BBQ sauce, sweet tea caramelized onions. Very nice sandwich to have at 10:30am. This hit the spot. Their BBQ sauce is very smooth. Not too overpowering.

Toasted’s Mac and Cheese. Jarlsberg, extra sharp cheddar, gruyere.
WOW! Hard to explain how yummy this is. Nice layer on the top and bottom. Jeff mentioned it as the Hostess Ding Dong of Mac and Cheese. Toasty on top and the middle has the gooeyness of the Mac and cheese. Again, very hard to explain. Point is, it’s AWESOME

Natural Cut Fries. (Salted).
They also have the option of Truffle Fries. Next time I will try the truffle ones. These salted fries were perfectly made. Good flavor and not too salty.

The Big cheese. Jack cheese, muenster, white cheddar, arugula.
This was @eatlocalorlando’s order. Nice flavor to it. They took a grilled cheese and made it very good. Tasty. I need to bring @wholycheesus here. He would love all the cheese in this place.

Southern Comfort. Cheddar cheese applewood smoked bacon, housemade BBQ sauce, Mac and cheese.
HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS DELICIOUS!! The burger was insane. I shared this one with @eatlocalorlando and we got it medium rare. WOW. In fact, DOUBLE WOW!! I enjoyed every bite of this burger. Plus, the Mac and Cheese inside of it made it absolutely heavenly.

@Eatlocalorlando asked Jeff to see the Vegan Menu and he was nice enough to hand us one. They are on the counter as soon as you come in to order. They also have a Gluten free bread.

Sal and Jeff. Thank you so much for sitting down and talking to us. We enjoyed chatting with both of you and getting to know the people behind such a great establishment. Best of luck to you. CHEERS! (Toasting now).

Foodbidden (Nice and Toasty) APPROVED!!

(407) 960-3922
1945 Aloma Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32792
Facebook: Toasted Restaurant
Twitter: @toasted131

Toasted on Urbanspoon

Location:1945 Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32792


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