Country Chicken and Fish

Located in Lakeland Florida. After our adventure at the Lakeland Farmers Market @jeffhouck was awesome enough to lead @droolius and I to the grand Country Chicken and Fish.

They have been here for several years frying some delicious chicken. It smelled great as soon as we got there. It was cold, but the locals were still out here getting their grub on.

As you can see you have to order from a small window. You have to bend down and order your food for the staff to hear you. @Droolius and I shared the chicken and fried apple sticks. The picture will show the half that I ate.

As soon as I got it I wanted to take a bite. Smelled great. Couldn’t want to actually try it.

The fried chicken and the fried apple stick were amazing. The hardest part was taking it to go and trying to eat and drive at the same time.

This is the place for some good ole fried chicken. The way it’s supposed to be made. Hoping to be back in Lakeland soon to try more of their menu items.

Foodbidden Fried APPROVED!!

Country Chicken & Fish
(863) 686-2564
1263 Kathleen Rd
Lakeland, FL 33805

Country Chicken & Fish on Urbanspoon

Location:1263 Kathleen Rd Lakeland, FL 33805


4 thoughts on “Country Chicken and Fish

  1. Not going to lie.. the fish looks a little weird but I bet it was delicious because it was greasy! haha Great little read here even though I don’t know you personally. Your blog is cool though.

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