The Poor Porker

Located on Pine and Kentucky in the Lakeland Farmers Market. This place is like no other. This post may be a bit longer than my other ones, but it is so worth it. So, @droolius tells me about this place that @jeffhouck had told him about. I somehow got involved and said heck no I am not driving all the way to Lakeland since it’s an hour away, but on the same morning I am calling @droolius saying heck yeah I will go. WEIRD!

@Droolius had said to show up early cuz he heard from @jeffhouck and others that the line gets long. I showed up around 9:00am and there were people lined up, so I knew I had made the right decision by driving all the way over here this morning.

The problem was that it was FREEZING this morning. People from the North bare with me. Freezing for me is anything below 50. Haha. So, back to my story. I line up and was told to order the bacon and beignet.

Didn’t know the official name until I arrived and saw their nice little menu that had the names of their different specials. Oh Yeah!!

I knew for sure I was getting the Poor Porker. How appropriate since it’s the name of the business. I was told it would be about a thirty minute wait and for some reason I was cool with that. No pun intended. It’s was about 45 degrees according to my weather app.

I knew I could use this time to take some pictures before my hands got numb from the cold. Luckily, Poor Porker served smoked chicory coffee as well. That hit the spot.

Now your probably wondering what this is. This is how long the line got right after I had ordered. There were maybe two or three people behind me at first. It was worse than the lines at Disney. But the locals love this place. They have regular customers every Saturday mornings. People here wake up early just for this.

At last my order was called and I screamed out like I kid, “HERE!!” I figured I had deserved this after driving for so long and having no breakfast. Luckily, I am bald so I didn’t have to brush my hair in the morning and was able to arrive on time. The moment had come to receive my order and dig in.

Poor Porker Beignets. Bacon, maple syrup, smoked salt, and powdered sugar. WOW! That’s it. WOW! Heavenly. And it was one of those things were you take a bite and it melts in your mouth. I ate these in two seconds. That’s how good they were. Best decision ever to come here this chilly morning and so worth freezing my tushy off.

@Droolius and @JeffHouck. Thank you so much for the great time this morning at the Lakeland Farmers Market. Y’all rock!!

Foodbidden BRRR! APPROVED!!

The Poor Porker
(863) 206-6304
200 N Kentucky ave
Lakeland, FL 33801

The Poor Porker on Urbanspoon

Location:200 N Kentucky ave Lakeland, FL 33801


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