Sol De Borinquen

Open for breakfast at 6:00am. Sol has provided local customers with the best in Puerto Rican food and pastries. Best quesitos in town. I made a quick stop before work around 8:20am. The place was packed. This post will be a quick and dirty one.

Not an ideal place for me to take pics but there was no way to take pics without people seeing me. This was the best I could do this morning. Latinos aren’t too happy when a stranger comes in and takes pics. Couldn’t avoid the people this time. I tend to capture only the restaurant, but I couldn’t this morning.

Desayuno Pequeño. (Small breakfast). Bread, scrambled eggs, bacon. As you could see from the previous picture they have several items for breakfast. Most locals come super early to get their Pan Sobao. And I do mean early. Breakfast specials are very inexpensive and very good.

Overall quality of food is good. Customer service is not great. I felt like I was bothering them by being there. In Puerto Rico I had the same feeling even though I am Latino myself. There is a sense of get in, order, and go. Their lunch specials are amazing as well and the place is pretty big compared to other Kissimmee places. If you don’t mind a bit of attitude from the staff than Sol De Borinquen is the place for you.


Foodbidden Semi-APPROVED!!! Food is good, but lacks customer service.

Sol de Borinquen Bakery
(407) 518-7755
2510 Michigan Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Sol de Borinquen Bakery on Urbanspoon

Location:2501 Michigan Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34744


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