That One Spot

Thanks to @burgerbeast and @droolius for their talks about it and the pics. I had to try this one for myself. Running on limited time, but had to eat. Hopefully, they will be getting a sign soon.

Very nice place. Wasn’t what I expected. They have some groovy music when you walk in. Not loud at all. I like it.

Outside seating is always a must in Florida. Although you are mostly admiring bumper to bumper traffic, but still it’s a very nice area to sit and chill.

Loads of choices. Lots of burgers!! They make them to order. They were making lots of them when I walked in. I took the suggestion from the person who rang me up. Customer service was okay. You place your order and you wait.

That Other Burger.
Roasted red peppers, goat cheese, red onions, leaf, lettuce, balsamic ketchup and homemade garlic aioli.

The wait wasn’t long at all. Had some locals in here tonight, both young and old. When I have more time I would like to come here again and try their sides. I heard their hand cut fries are great.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Great place for burgers and more. The Curry Chicken burger will be mine the next time I come here.

That One Spot
(407) 877-7575
10968 West Colonial Drive
Ocoee, FL 34761

That One Spot on Urbanspoon

Location:W Colonial Dr,Ocoee,United States


One thought on “That One Spot

  1. Even better is the Mac N Cheese! Seriously one of the best mac n cheese i’ve had and you can add bacon + jalepenos to kick it up several notches!

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