Curbside Chef

Photo courtesy of Curbside Chef (Facebook)
Chef Clarito not only has a great truck, but the Filipino food is delicious.

Filipino Style Chicken Adobo. With sweet soy glaze sauce, green onions on garlic rice bowl. This is always my go to dish. It got to the point that Chef Clarito suggested I try something different since I always ordered the same thing.

Curbside Tacos. Adobo chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized red onions, queso fresco, avocado cream, sweet soy glaze, pickled cucumber. Glad he suggested these. These were very good. Chef Clarito has a great personality. Very friendly even during his busiest times.

Korean Style Mussels. Saffron-orzo-pumpkin risotto with Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer, coconut broth, furikake, and toasted bread. Amazing dish. I apologize for the horrible picture. This dish surprised me. Not at all what I expected. Very flavorful. Shared it with some other foodies and they loved it too.

Sweet Endings Desserts. Vanilla Bean Flan, Coconut Flan, and Creme Brûlée. Chef said we had to try these. He actually took the time to tell us what they were and the love he puts into them. (And yes it looks like Mickey).

These are the lines that he gets at various food truck events. Just had to show this picture. People truly love his food.

Chef Clarito, Salamat. Thank you so much for amazing service and food. Looking forward to tasting many more of your dishes.

Foodbidden Pinagtibay!!! (APPROVED in Tagalog)

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