The Mangia Mobile

Photo courtesy of I am going all out by saying, Best Italian food truck in town. Actually, the only Italian food truck that I am aware of in town. I am sure some of you will correct me soon.

The truck is beautifully wrapped. It truly is a gorgeous truck and the logo makes me want to crack a smile each time I see it.

It’s the smiley face that does it for me. Ok, ok, enough about that. Here is how I got to find them. I follow them on Twitter, @themangiamobile and spotted that they would be in Saint Cloud tonight. I knew this was my chance.

While introducing myself I came across a fantastic couple of owners, George and Corina. They are new to the food truck scene in Orlando, but between them both they have years of culinary experience.

Sicilian Rice Balls. Risotto balls stuffed with provolone and mozzarella cheese with a rosa sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. These were AMAZING! Every single bite was delicious. George said these are his top sellers. I can see/taste why.

Look at all that cheese inside. Oh yeah!! George described the process on what it takes to make these balls and I was shocked. This requires a several step process to make. Almost a full day. I felt so guilty eating it in two bites. : )

Louisiana Crab Cakes. Pan-fried real crab meat cakes served with house made remoulade sauce. These were courtesy of a young lady who ordered these and let me take a picture of it. Thanks whoever you were. You rock! I didn’t get a chance to try these, but it is on my to do list for next time. These are not your ordinary crab cakes. Look at the size of these.

Chicken Alfredo. Pasta tossed in their cream sauce. Very Tasty!! I had to bring this one home since it had been a long day. The To Go containers are perfect when on the run. Just the right amount of cream without being too overwhelming.

Gnocchi Pesto. The special for today. George has different menu items depending on what location he is going to. He accommodates his menu based on his customers. Very smart business man and awesome cooking skills.

Tiramisu. George convinced me I had to try this one. He said this one was homemade as well as all his other dishes. He always credited Corina, his wife on her culinary expertise in making the dishes and desserts.

This one deserved two pictures. Absolutely perfect. Best Tiramisu I have had in years. George and Corina have hit this one out of the ball park. The Mangia Mobile is Italian dishes on steroids. Flavors and flavors galore.

This truck is a must try when you can find them. They are always on the move. Follow them at @themangiamobile. Also check out their menu on

Not only great food, but a very nice couple.

George and Corina, Gracias. Being able to spend time and chat with you was a true pleasure this evening. Until we “Eat” again.

Foodbidden APPROVATO!!!

The Mangia Mobile
Moving Target
(407) 369-0296
Twitter: @themangiamobile
Facebook: The Mangia Mobile

Mangia Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Location:Moving Target

Location:Moving Target


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