Brussels Bistro (Nassau Bahamas)

Wow. Haven’t been here for years. My good friend Brent introduced us to this place and it has always been good. Pricey, but good.

Today Angela was with me and we decided to check it out. I thought it was closed and was pleasantly surprised when we got to the restaurant.

Many locals come here. Lots of people in suits. Many coming from work. All the people love this place. Lots of crew members come here as well.

Always top notch service. Very classy place. All food done the Belgian way. So much flavor and big portions.

Bread and butter. Homemade texture. Butter nice and smooth.

Belgium Burger. Burger with Fried egg on top and frites.

Pork Rack. Served with mushroom cream sauce, mixed vegetables and potatoes.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!


Not for someone on a budget and worth every penny. Great background music today. Loved this place. Will be coming back for that Belgium Burger.

Brussels Bistro
Frederick Street, Nassau

Location:Frederick Street,Nassau,Bahamas


One thought on “Brussels Bistro (Nassau Bahamas)

  1. It really nice of you guys to have the time and appreciation to write about us! I really looking to see you all next time:) please let me know so we can meet,
    Thank you !
    My best regards,
    Heneliza Henry

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