Thai Thani

Today @tarajroth and I were off from work on the same day. I was craving some food with some flavor so we went with Thai.

Lots of people here for lunch today. Was not able to capture how big it is. Lots of decorations all over the restaurant. Seems like a popular place for the locals here. Lots of people dressed nicely. Assuming offices around this area and they come here for lunch.

The place is huge. Actually, before we walked in we were greeted outside by a young lady. There are three restaurants owned by the same person. If you sit in the Atlantic Cove area you can order from all three restaurants since they are all next to each other. Wow. I have never seen or heard of that before.

Thai Iced Tea. This is a must in any Thai restaurant.

Pot Stickers. There were six in the order, but @tarajroth was really hungry and picked one up and ate it. : )

Chicken Satay. The bread slices are interesting. I am sure all of you know the reason for that. I do not know.

Chicken Phad Panang (Spicy) A spicy Thai curry dish prepared with coconut and peanut sauce string beans, bell peppers, scallion and basil leaves. It was a bit on the sweet side. I have ordered this before in other places and it hasn’t been this sweet.

Fried Rice. (Spicy) Pork with rice, egg, and scallions. @Tarajroth ordered this spicy. The dish was not spicy at all so she got the extra spice sauces on the side.

The Feast shots. They will always make me happy.

@Tarajroth had to take a Feast shot too. Nice. Wifey got @kokocooks photo skills.

Overall this place was okay. It wasn’t my favorite. I would give it a one thumb up. Nice ambience in the restaurant. Although, the music in the background was going to put @tarajroth and I to sleep. Sounded like lullaby music. The kind you set up for a crib mobile. The service was mediocre. They were all too busy and I never did get my second Thai iced tea.

Wifey APPROVED!!!!


Thai Thani
(407) 239-9733
11025 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Thai Thani on Urbanspoon

Location:11025 International Drive Orlando, FL 32821


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