Local Yolk’l Food Truck

What a great evening to have a @foodtruckbazaar in Kissimmee. Weather was perfect and the sky looked beautiful. Most importantly I got to meet the nicest people today. George and Nicole. Owners of Local Yolk’l.

I have been a loyal follower on Twitter since day one. Wanted a chance to try their “Brinner” as they say, (no relation to Yul) but never got a chance until tonight.

The menu choices were amazing and it was hard to choose. I decided to order the Red Velvet Pancakes and the Hat Trick (joke to be told soon)

Red Velvet Pancakes. Yum. I have seen pics from @lglastorl and others on Twitter and I was looking forward to tasting them myself. These were yummy. Many people asked about them while I was eating.

Wifey ordered the Hat Trick. 3 sliders with Canadian bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Egg, and Spicy Aioli Sauce with Home Fries. (joke coming now) So, wifey orders the food and says the “Hot Trick”. George without blinking says ok and takes the order. When we got the food the box read as follows:

LOL. This was perfect. Don’t know how @tarajroth saw Hot Trick. Finally, she was told it was called the Hat Trick and we all laughed. Thank you so much George for having such a great sense of humor.

Nicole and George, So great to finally have met you. Your food was delicious. We cannot wait to “Eat” again soon.

Baby Girl, Wifey, and Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Local Yolk’l Food Truck
(407) 405-4874
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Twitter: @LocalYolkl
Facebook: Local Yolk’l

Local Yolk'l Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Location:Mobile Target


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