Passage to India

Big thanks are in order to @droolius and Jenni for joining us in our food adventures tonight!

Best place to get some good Indian food in Kissimmee area near Disney.

Great weather in Kissimmee tonight. We had to eat some good Indian food with some good people.

The restaurant is very elegant. Not very full this evening. Although more people came in during our stay.

The tables are nicely set up and Chrissy who was our server was working hard in the back and the front of the house.

We started with the sauces and of course the @droolius phone sticker. Looks like a real case. Very cool. Sweet Mango Chutney, Onions, and Mint Chutney.

You always have to start with some Samosas. Very good. Nice and light this evening.

And the Garlic Naan is always a must. @Xobejm couldn’t get enough of this.

Passage to India Assorted Platter. Mouth watering combination of Samosas, Pakora, and Onion Bhaji. We loved them all. Very tasty. Especially tasty with the sauces.

All together makes a great picture. We shared all of these.

We ordered family style. That is the way @droolius and I love to eat. @Tarajroth and @xobejm and Jenni shared all of the food. We literally got a bite of everything. I will have the names of all the dishes below.

Family Style Feast Shot. My Chicken Vindaloo was Spicy. Just like I like it. So, here is now the list of what we had:

Foodbidden: Chicken Vindaloo. (Spicy) Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in vinegar and spices and cooked in a hot Goan sauce with potatoes.

@Droolius: Palak Paneer. Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked with spinach and fresh spices.

@Xobejm: Chicken Tikka. Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in mild spices and yogurt and roasted and a clay oven.

@Tarajroth: Chicken Korma. Juicy breast of chicken simmered in a rich cream sauce.

Jenni: Chicken Saag Wala. Boneless breast of chicken cooked with fresh spinach and spices.

Fantastic dinner with fantastic people. All in all we all loved it. Not for someone on a budget. This is a pricey restaurant, but worth every penny.

Chrissy, You rock!! You went above and beyond with your service tonight. We truly appreciated all the details on the food and your recommendations. Thank you so much.

Foodbidden (and the Gang) APPROVED!!!

Passage to India
(407) 396-6957
7618 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34747

Passage to India on Urbanspoon

Location:7618 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747


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