Broadway Pizza Bar

All photos are to be credited to @tarajroth and @xobejm! Thank you so much for taking some choice shots. You Go girlies!! Big Kudos to @xobejm for editing the pics for me. Great family teamwork.

Located in Downtown Kissimmee this is the place to order pizza as you want it.

This is the bar area. People were sitting on the other side so this is the best shot @tarajroth could get.

I love the look of this shot. Looks very old fashioned. Yummy food pics are coming soon.

Amazing place. This place is always busy. People coming in and sitting down to enjoy some great pizza. Now lets get to the FOOD stuff!

Garlic Cheese Bread with marinara sauce. Holy mother of yummy goodness. A dream come true for me. Garlic and Cheese. Life is good. @Tarajroth is right. These are a MUST!

@Xobejm got the Pepperoni pizza. Nice and simple. The best part of this pizza is the crust. The crust is like eating a piece of French bread.

Oh yeah! We should call it the @tarajroth special. Hot Italian Sausage, extra cheese, and Green Olives. @Wholycheesus would love this pizza. Extra cheese is just what the doctor ordered.

Baby Girl Approved!!

Wifey Approved!!!

Need I say more. Broadway Pizza Bar has brought life to downtown Kissimmee. Best pizza in town. Nice to have a non chain pizza place doing it right!!

Foodbidden and familia APPROVED!!

Broadway Pizza Bar
(407) 847-7050
403 Broadway
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Broadway Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

Location:403 Broadway, Kissimmee, FL 34741


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