Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant

Located on 535 and Osceola Parkway. The all day buffet caught my eye.

Even though I am sure I will order from the menu because I am in a spicy sort of mood.

Nice little set up for the buffet. I did ask if any items were spicy and I was told mild. So, I ordered from the menu.

I like the bar set up. They offer a variety of beers and wines. Place looks very clean and well maintained. They have been here for about 8 months now.

Today I chose the Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy). For next time I will ask for Asian spicy. It had the right kick to it, but I like it to burn. Amazing taste.

Cheese Naan. Although I always get the Garlic naan. Today I went with cheese. Note to self, next time get Cheese and Garlic. This was perfect with my meal.

The whole meal. A side of rice comes with it and they always make sure you have enough rice. Now, don’t get me wrong, the buffet was $9.99 which is a great deal for anyone on a budget. I ordered from the menu and it was pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Tarik, thank you so much for your service. You are a very kind man. I will be back with friends and family.

Foodbidden SUPER APPROVED!!!

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant
(407) 507-5877
3260 Vineland Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

Apna Punjab Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:State Road 535,Kissimmee,United States


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