RanGetsu Restaurant & Orchid Lounge

Thank you so much to @OrlandoFamStyle for hosting these fantastic lunches with such lovely people. It was also very nice to finally meet @yelporlando in person.

Heard great things about the Rangetsu happy hour. They even have a DJ booth in the restaurant. It must become quite a scene at night.

This is the entrance from the parking area. Plenty of parking space for lunch.

The outdoor seating was awesome. This must be gorgeous at night.

The bar area inside the restaurant. Very nice.

Lots of sunshine today in Maitland Florida. The other side had some people enjoying their meal, so I only took a picture of this side of the dining room.

The sushi area. The ladies I was enjoying my lunch with ordered the sushi. It took a bit for them to get their order. The server said they got hit with a few orders at the same time, so that’s why it took so long.

Miso Soup. I did not take a picture of the salad. I was too hungry. As soon as I got it I dug into it.

Sukiyaki Lunch. Thinly sliced NY strip cooked in a sweet soy sauce with assorted vegetables.

The Sukiyaki was very good. I wasn’t expecting this. It was a pleasant surprise.

Rangetsu has a nice crowd for lunch. I would love the check out the evening menu and see what it’s like. Great place.

To the ladies, thank you so much ladies for the nail lessons and the great chat. Looking forward to many more meals together.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

RanGetsu Restaurant & Orchid Lounge
(407) 345-0044
901 South Orlando Avenue
Maitland, FL 32751

RanGetsu Restaurant & Orchid Lounge on Urbanspoon

Location:901 S Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751


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