Lido’s Italian Restaurant

I always give credit where credit is due and this one is ALL @tarajroth. Thanks to the folks who recommended it to her. And HUGE thanks for wifey for taking pics and make this post happen. And most of all for picking up dinner tonight.

@Tarajroth had heard about this place a few months ago and today heard about it again from another person. Wifey decided she would go and be adventurous and check it out. (Yes, I am rubbing off on her) Love this woman. @Tarajroth was taking pictures like a BOSS!!

Very nice looking restaurant. Nicole who was the person helping @tarajroth out was very nice and super helpful. Nicole helped @tarajroth pick out the top three dishes to bring home. (We were ordering to eat at home)

The way they set the table is very nice. The restaurant is very clean and the decorations on the walls are gorgeous. The natural light coming into the restaurant makes this place glow.

It has a nice family Italian restaurant type feel to it. @Tarajroth said it smelled delicious when walking in. We will have to go back soon and dine in. I would love to get the feel of the clientele. Now, on to the FOOD stuff….
Now keep in mind we brought these home.

Antipasto. I have never been a fan. Lido’s has converted me. This was very good.

Garlic Bread Sticks. @Xobejm had two of them because she loved them so much. @tarajroth ate one on her drive home. (I knew there was one missing) YUM!!

Chicken Parmigiana with Pan Fried Spaghetti. Nicole recommended the pan fried part. Oh yeah. This was amazing. Great flavor. I have never had pan fried spaghetti. This is a must have!!

Lasagna. While the pictures DO NOT do it justice, this was a delicious dish. I thought about putting it on a plate and taking a better picture, but I ended up eating it. : )

Manicotti. These puppies were filled with cheesy goodness. This is what Manicotti should taste like all the time. Nicole really did pick the top three dishes. I am dying to try all the other dishes they have.

A taste of everything. Yum!! @Tarajroth truly hooked it up this evening. Thank you so much wifey. @Xobejm and I were very happy with dinner tonight.

Everything was great from Lido’s Italian Restaurant. This has to be twenty times better fresh out of the oven. We will have to visit soon and dine in.

Baby Girl, Wifey, and Foodbidden APPROVED!!! Or should I say APPROVATO!!!

Nicole, thank you so much for being so kind to my wife @tarajroth. She truly appreciated it. We will be back soon with the familia.

Lido’s Italian Restaurant
(407) 423-8933
2509 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32806

Lido's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Location:2509 S Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32806


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