Sweet Designs Kitchen

For all who know me and my cupcake loving ways this was a must stop and purchase spot.

Sweet Designs Kitchen is located inside the Village Parks at Hunters Creek. They specialize in wedding cakes and what caught my attention even more were the cupcakes. I could not stay and enjoy the ambience. I had to get these goodies to go.

The place was immaculate. Beautiful colors when you walk in. I took a picture of the cupcakes but not much of the shop or the counter area. Janet who was helping me today was super friendly. I told her I was easy and I wanted one of each. Janet gave me a smile and started boxing those puppies up for me.

13 flavors in total for today. Janet let me know the owners were working in the back which always makes me happy to know that they are taking pride in their product. They have their daily flavors up on the board.

I would call it the Yummy board if I worked here. Check out the different flavors and variety. 13 different flavors coming home with me today. Janet being the “Sweet”-heart that she was forewarned me to keep them level while holding the box. Unfortunately, my twenty minute drive home ruined a few of them. I knew I should have taken pictures while inside the shop. : (

You can see the yumminess in each one. (Well, except the ones that decided to move on me while driving home), but still you can see how well they are made.

Janet was nice enough to box up separately cupcake number 13. Love the box and the how delicious the cupcake is displayed.

Janet, You rock my “Sweet” tooth world. Thank you so much for being so kind. Next time I will stay and hang out for a bit.

I definitely plan to visit again soon and will get more pictures of what the shop looks like. Beautiful place and awesome customer service.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Sweet Designs Kitchen
(407) 851-0093
13526 Village Park Drive
Orlando, FL 32837

Sweet Designs Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Location:13526 Village Park, Orlando, FL 32837


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