Lechonera Mi Pequeño Piñones

Great way to start a morning. This was a quick stop and I only got one thing, but I had to do a short and sweet blog about it.

Mi Pequeño Piñones has been here for over 10 years serving the local great Puerto Rican food. Mario, the owner, opens at 7am and closing time varies depending how much food he has left. It was nice to be here early morning and see him putting everything out on the buffet.

We call these Frituras. Yep, mostly fried and delicious. Love Puerto Rican culture. This morning I got a Papa Rellena (Stuffed Potato)

Papa Rellena. Yummy goodness on the outside and……

Amazingness on the inside. Stuffed with ground beef and other yummy ingredients. This is perfect on an early morning like today.

He is a tent set up and a table so when the customers come they have a shaded spot. Plenty of locals come here, but this morning everyone ordered to go.

This is the view from the road. Nice and easy to see while driving the speed limit. I found this place a while back. @Eatlocalorlando has it posted on his website as well.

Today was a quick stop before work, but I highly suggest this food truck. Great for anyone on a budget. Lots of food choices. Come on by and visit Mario.

Lechonera Mi Pequeño Piñones
9205 E Colonial
Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 257-9860

Location:9205 E Colonial, Orlando, FL 32817

Lechonera Mi Pequeño Piñones  on Urbanspoon


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