El Rey De Los Pollos

On the corner of Oak street and the forever full of traffic John Young Parkway.

This is a Dominican restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Great specials and great prices. Loads to choose from. The “everyday buffet” is right!

The buffet line has the usual offerings of meats and your choice of rice. This is all Dominican style food.

Pernil, chicken, beef, etc.

Frituras (fried stuff), soups, pasteles (Puerto Rican tamales), etc.

Yummy desserts. Flan, cakes, and even pineapple. This line also has the macaroni salads.

The restaurant is huge. I couldn’t get a picture of the room to the left of this dining room because it was too dark. It fits a whole bunch of people. Don’t think they are ever filled to capacity.

Two tables near the bar area. The bar area is dark and it has a light that looked horrible in pictures but I took the picture anyway.

The bar area. Very nice in person. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Ok, enough of what the place looks like. LET’S EAT!!!

@Xobejm was not in the mood to be adventurous. She wanted food from the buffet and I wanted to order from the menu. Baby Girl got the Chicken Empanada with Arroz Con Gandules.

I went all out tonight. Churrasco with white rice and red beans. Mmmmmmmm. I mean really, meat and onions? The picture speaks for itself. Delicious!

For dessert @xobejm ordered the Flan. Nice little portion. Not too sweet. Which is important for us. It was very good.

Mine was the Bizcocho Dominicano. (Dominican Cake) Holy Mother of Dominican goodness. This was very good. Maria, our server said this was a cake made by a certain woman who makes it all the time for the restaurant and that the locals come and purchase lots of it. According to Maria it sells out quickly.

The two sweets put together. YUMMY!! Nice place in Kissimmee. Plenty of parking. Hard to get out of the parking lot because of all the John Young Parkway traffic. Sigh!

Foodbidden and Baby Girl APPROVED!!

El Rey de Los Pollos
(407) 343-5030
917 N John Young Pkwy
Kissimmee, FL 34741

El Rey de Los Pollos on Urbanspoon

Location:917 N John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

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