Melao Bakery

Melao Bakery

Thanks to @annrodoz for suggesting this place to me. She is a hardcore foodie as well who goes out to all these neat places to eat. Kissimmee is full of best kept secrets. This is off the beat and path. In front of the Oscoela Health Department. It’s been in this location for 4 years and still going strong.

The place is big. Not your typical hole in the wall. So much room, they could have a small nightclub in here. While sitting here in the restaurant I noticed all the music is Christian music. The staff shirts say, “Glory Be to God” (In Spanish of course) The restaurant is kept extremely clean.

I was careful taking pictures today. Lots of locals coming in and out for the fresh bread and coffee. Also, their breakfast selection is amazing. Best Puerto Rican food in this area. You name it you can order anything here and they will make it for you.

They have a separate area for all the sweets and treats. All of the other blogs I have done you see the buffet and the sweets together. Melao has its own section for sweets. Very nice.

Number 5 Breakfast Combo: Fried Eggs, Plantains, Ham, French Fries, Toast, and Cafe con leche. All of this yumminess for $8.00. Great prices and great portions. Open from 6am to 9pm. Highly recommend this place for anyone on a budget.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Melao Bakery
(407) 348-1777
1912 Boggy Creek Rd
Kissimmee, FL 34744

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Location:-1936 Boggy Creek Rd,Kissimmee,United States


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