Virgil’s (Nassau Bahamas)


Located inside the luxurious Atlantis Resort in Nassau Bahamas. This one had to be done. I was fortunate enough to be here last month and see where it was located. Didn’t get a chance to eat there. This time I made it a point to ask how to enter the restaurant.

Gorgeous place. The dining room was full and the only available seats were the bar or the high top. I chose the high top.

This is where I entered through. You really have to know its there from the inside. Hard to find. First floor and hidden in a corner.

Beautiful bar area. All types of sports while you enjoy a drink and great food. Today was December 31st, so they had holiday music. After a while they changed the music and you heard more island tunes.

This is the other dining room that was not in use during lunch hours. Two dining rooms this size and also a big seating area outside in the patio.

The view from my high top. Very nice place. One of the cab drivers said there were over 90 different types of fish.

They have their own BBQ sauce. It was very good. Would have liked to try a hotter/spicier version of this.

My favorite part of the table set up. Actual hand towels. I loved it.

For appetizer I started with the BBQ Trash Ribs served with Mustard coleslaw. I was worried about getting this for starters and be full for my main meal, but it was just the right size. Lots of flavor in all these tiny bites.

The Brisket Melt served with Coleslaw, Pickle, fresh cut French Fries. My server Ben gave me a high five when I ordered it. He said it was his favorite out of all the dishes they offered. This was super tasty.

Definitely not for someone on a budget. Everything is pricey in Atlantis. Virgil’s does not disappoint. For me it was worth every penny. Yeah Mon!

Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Atlantis Resort
Nassau, Bahamas

Location:Atlantis Resort


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