Shin Jung Korean Restaurant

Shin Jung

Wow!! Where do I begin. I mean it would be easier to say read @tastychomps blog and I could go to sleep. He describes it perfectly in his blog. So, here I go. Today for lunch it was @droolius @kokocooks @Joeyme1 @tytyeats @tarajroth @xobejm and myself.

I will attempt to write about our experience at Shin Jung. One word: UNBELIEVABLE! This was my first time ever eating Korean food. Big Props to @kokocooks for picking this place. It was amazing. Ok, lets get to the FOOD stuff. Pictured above is the Toasted Rice Tea (Sungyung) @tarajroth @Joeyme1 and @kokocooks ordered this one and it was good. Nice for a semi chilly afternoon.

Next, @Joeyme1 recommended the Kimchi pancake. HOLY MOTHER OF DELICIOUSNESS! Keep in mind all these flavors are new to me and I couldn’t get enough. It was very very good.

Pan Fried dumplings were next. I love eating with @kokocooks and @Joeyme1 @droolius because we always order family style and share a bit of everything. My kind of Food Loving Folks (#FOLOFO).

I started singing the Alicia Keys song, “THIS GRILL IS ON FIIIIIIRE!!!”. Little did I know what was about to happen.

The biggest shock came to me when our server put all these lovely bowls on our table. Don’t ask me what it was. God bless @droolius for describing what each one was. If you have any questions look him up on

This is one when the situation got a lot better. Kal Bi, Bul Go Gi, Pork, and Sliced Pork Belly. DANG! I mean, there is no other word, but DANG. Inappropriate for a blog? Definitely, but it truly expresses how I felt at the moment and it expresses how amazing it tasted.

Chef @droolius did the honors this time around and made sure all the meats were cooked at their appropriate temperatures.

This gives you an idea the amount of meat that was given to us. Now, remember that we also have some on the grill already. Lots of meat to be eaten.

This is the Japchae. This dish was ordered by @Joeyme1 and @kokocooks. I never like to take credit for something I didn’t order, but I had to post it because it was delicious. I ate a lot of this one. Thanks @Joeyme1 and @kokocooks for sharing this dish with me and letting me take some to go. You two rock!!

Family style eating is what it’s all about. We had a wonderful time. I would suggest this place to anyone in a second. Great little place in Orlando. Very friendly staff and they help you out with the cooking as well. As @tastychomps pointed out in his blog about Shin Jung, you can easily miss this place while driving.

No denying I pick people who enjoy good food and lots of it. I was about to cry at one point. All my family is in Chicago. This was my little family for the day. Just partaking in great food, great conversations, great laughs, with great company. Thank you so much to @droolius @Joeyme1 @kokocooks @tytyeats @xobejm @tarajroth for making this lunch super awesome.


Shin Jung Korean Restaurant
(407) 895-7345
1638 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

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Location:1638 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32803


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