Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ

The name fits this place perfectly. It’s a small house (Casita) The inside is super tiny. Right off John Young Parkway and Bryan Street. 1 block south of Emmett in Kissimmee. I have seen this place, but never stopped. @Xobejm and I were feeling adventurous today, so we had to check it out.

Literally, two feet from @xobejm is John Young Parkway. Hard to take a picture when you feel the traffic heading towards you. Extremely congested with John Young traffic. Very noisy, but worth putting up with all that for some good grub.

This is Marcos, owner of Mi Casita BBQ. Great man to sit down with and talk about his 10 years in this little place. Marcos and his wife are Cuban. How they sell great Puerto Rican and Cuban food is a mystery to me. : ) What a sweet man. Took his time to just talk with me about his website and his place. He was so proud.

And there you have it. Small, tiny, pequeño, whatever term you can think of. I am noticing the pictures are making this place bigger than it seems.

@Xobejm was ready to get her food and start eating. There are only four stools to sit on. Mi Casita gives you a to go container each time you order. My pictures will show the to go containers, but we ate inside the restaurant.

I loved this sign. “DON’T COOK TAKE YOUR LUNCH WITH YOU”. Great lunch specials. $3.50 will get you a lot of food.

Rotisserie Chicken with yellow rice and olives, and plantains (maduros). Mi Casita has Ketchup and BBQ sauce on the condiment tray. Had to taste it with the BBQ. Everything was delicious. Great food.

@Xobejm got the Pernil with white rice. She then put Ketchup on the rice. The true Puerto Rican way. Speaking with Marcos he said he has people lining up for his lunch specials and his food runs out quickly. He is open 7am to 7pm. Or until food runs out. They have breakfast sandwich specials every morning as well. Good food and great prices.

Foodbidden and Baby Girl APPROVED!!!

Mi Casita BBQ
(407) 944-3360
102 South John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
Facebook: Mi Casita BBQ

Mi Casita BBQ on Urbanspoon

Location:102 S John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741


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