Venezia Patisserie and Cafe

Venezia Patisserie and Cafe

Not to be confused with Venezia Bakery and Cafe. Ends up they are the same owners, but slightly different name in this location. Their other location is in Hunters Creek. That is Venezia Bakery and Cafe. This one is right in The Loop Mall and its called Venezia Patisserie and Cafe. Not confusing at all. : )

Nice place. Looks very elegant when you come in. @Wholycheesus was the one who told me about this place. Thanks man. I am glad I came here.

Spacious. Not often seen around these parts. : ) As you have seen from my previous posts, the Kissimmee restaurants that I go go tend to be on the smaller side.

I started off with the Criollo breakfast. Two eggs, black beans, arepa, farmers cheese, and shredded beef. Amazing. Very filling. BUT, I of course saved room for coffee.

Ended with a small Cannoli. Semi tasty. Wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. I have tried their other sweets and they are really good. They offer an array of cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc.

And a Cafe con leche. Oh yeah! This is what dreams are made of. Very nice presentation. Venezia also serves empanadas, arepas, cachapas, and churros everyday. A great typical Latino breakfast. They are open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Saturday they close at 9:30pm. Sunday 9am to 9pm.

If you are ever in the Loop shopping mall. Give @wholycheesus and myself a call. We will join you.


Foodbidden APPROVED!!

Venezia Patisserie and Cafe
3222 N John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34741
(407) 350-5934

Location:3222 N John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Venezia Patisserie And Cafe on Urbanspoon


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