Chef John’s Place

Chef John’s Place

First of all, huge thanks to Keith Burnett and @TheLittleKitchn for the suggestion. I am glad that Keith was able to join me in my adventure today. All we needed was @TheLittleKitchn to complete the puzzle.

Outdoor sitting accommodates more of the locals during the dinner rush. Live Jazz music is played on Thursday nights. Very busy in the evenings. Strongly recommend to make reservations before going. Lots of people lining up to eat here for dinner.

They used to be in a different location near downtown Kissimmee and now are toward the Poinciana area. This used to be Kissimmee Cowboy BBQ, also owned by Chef John. When Chef John moved his downtown Kissimmee restaurant to here, it became Chef John’s Place. Chef John has his followers since the downtown Kissimmee days and new followers who frequent his restaurant. Keith is a hardcore follower. Now their menu is twice as delicious. They have BBQ and seafood options. Great menu and lots and lots of choices.

I had done my homework and found their menu online. I wanted to be prepared before I arrived, so we could get down to business as soon as possible. So hard to choose what I wanted. I wish I could have ordered one of each item on the menu. The have daily specials for lunch and dinner.

Per Keith’s suggestion we started off with some wings. When Patty, our server, who was amazing, asked how we liked them, I asked for Hot. These wings were perfect. The perfect crunch at each bite and the perfect heat that would hit your tongue without disintegrating it. Absolute perfection.

Keith ordered the Dockside Tropical Salad with Shrimp. The restaurant in downtown Kissimmee was called Chef John’s Dockside Restaurant. Hence the name of the salad. The balsamic dressing on this was amazing. It’s Chef John’s homemade Balsamic dressing. Keith had me try some and it was fantastic.

I ordered the Fried Catfish with Mac and Cheese and Baked Beans. Every single bite was amazing. Everything tasted so good. I am picky when it comes to fish, but Chef John did not disappoint.

We truly saved the best for last. While I ordered tons to bring home, Keith assured me I had to try one dessert in the restaurant. It’s called the Carmon’s Fried Peach Pie. Carmon is Chef John’s wife. Holy mother of Spanish Empanadas. These were excellent. I am not a fruit pie fan, but this one made me a believer. With the ice cream and whipped cream it was the perfect bite.

Chef John’s is open Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm. What I liked the most about this place was Chef John would come to each table to check on the customers and asked them how everything was. Very nice.

I will be going back with wifey and baby girl. Keith comes here once to twice a week. I may be joining him more often. Thank you so much Keith for joining me in my Foodbidden journey. Until we “Eat” again.

Foodbidden APPROVED!!!

Chef John’s Place
(407) 343-4227
3753 Pleasant Hill Road
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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Location:3753 Pleasant Hill Road, Kissimmee, FL 34746


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